Cyber Futuristics is currently working on a revolutionary idea called DataBagg, which is all set to change our perceptions of storing digital data.

DataBagg is a cloud based platform, wherein you can save all your digital data at one centralized locations. Using Cloud as the medium, DataBagg provides a safe, secured and robust space which will solve most of your problems related to digital data.

Some of the exciting features of DataBagg:

–          Instant Auto-Sync: With DataBagg, your data is instantly synchronized with all the devices where DataBagg has been installed. Hence, even if you write an article on your PC, it would be synchronized across your mobile and tablet.

–          Auto Backup: With DataBagg, you need not worry about backup of your data. As soon your data is entered, it would be backed-up and secured for ever.

–          Strong security mechanism: DataBagg is based on the sound security mechanism ensured by our Tier 3 Data Center located in Noida and Jaipur. When you choose DataBagg, you can be assured that your data is in safe hands.

–          Global Access of your Digital Data: Once your digital data is uploaded on our Cloud, it can be accessed globally; all you need to do is just share the relevant links with them.

–          Easy Share: With DataBagg, sharing of your data becomes super easy. You can share your data with your friends and relatives with just one click!

Currently, DataBagg is in a beta stage. You can download the application directly by visiting our official website: Do share your experiences of using India’s first Cloud based storage solutions. You can mail your feedback at