Software development (also popular as application development) is one of the booming businesses in modern times. Applications are required to serve variety of purposes, such as to meet desired requirements of a specific client/business, to meet the need of the potential users, or for personal use. To develop software is an overall process, which undergoes various stages, such as comprehending the client/business requirements, research, collection of requirements for the same, designing, implementation, testing the software, deployment, and finally maintenance& bug fixing.

Apparently, to have a quality application for your business, it is imperative to give appropriate time for each of the development stages. Cyber Futuristics is one of leading application Development Company that creates viable solutions to meet business requirements. Employed with best team of software engineers help business to integrate and acquire new capabilities for diverse systems.

Our experts will work closely with you to first comprehend your business requirements and provide you concrete solution, which ensures strategic benefits & profit for the business. Our developed application allows customers to maximize their applications ROI. Our professionals strive hard to build cutting-edge applications to meet evolving business requirements.

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Cyber Futuristics is currently working on a revolutionary idea called DataBagg, which is all set to change our perceptions of storing digital data.

DataBagg is a cloud based platform, wherein you can save all your digital data at one centralized locations. Using Cloud as the medium, DataBagg provides a safe, secured and robust space which will solve most of your problems related to digital data.

Some of the exciting features of DataBagg:

-          Instant Auto-Sync: With DataBagg, your data is instantly synchronized with all the devices where DataBagg has been installed. Hence, even if you write an article on your PC, it would be synchronized across your mobile and tablet.

-          Auto Backup: With DataBagg, you need not worry about backup of your data. As soon your data is entered, it would be backed-up and secured for ever.

-          Strong security mechanism: DataBagg is based on the sound security mechanism ensured by our Tier 3 Data Center located in Noida and Jaipur. When you choose DataBagg, you can be assured that your data is in safe hands.

-          Global Access of your Digital Data: Once your digital data is uploaded on our Cloud, it can be accessed globally; all you need to do is just share the relevant links with them.

-          Easy Share: With DataBagg, sharing of your data becomes super easy. You can share your data with your friends and relatives with just one click!

Currently, DataBagg is in a beta stage. You can download the application directly by visiting our official website: Do share your experiences of using India’s first Cloud based storage solutions. You can mail your feedback at

The importance of applications is now growing day by day. There are web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications; Android based applications, iPhone Applications and so many more. Be it any platform, applications are hugely popular with web users and are being preferred more and more with each passing day. In such scenario, it becomes imperative for you, as the webmaster and business owner to come up with your applications for better user experience and better results. But with millions of active applications available today, how can you provide the most unique and useful applications?

The solution lies right in front of your eyes: Welcome to creative application development at CyFuture.

We have over 10 years of extensive experience in conceptualizing, designing and developing world class applications for a variety of niches. We have an experienced and seasoned team of creative developers who can first understand your specific business needs and accordingly design and develop the most useful and creative applications for your business.

Our clientele includes some of the largest and biggest businesses who have adapted and approved our creative applications, ensuring superb results. If you are interested to know more about our unique approach to application development, then you are encouraged to directly visit our website at and experience the most creative and innovative application development.

Software development is now one of the most sought after skills in the IT sphere. More and more companies are opting to create their own customized software for better management of resources and maximum ROI. There are several reasons for choosing to create your own software for managing your specific business operations. One of the most crucial reasons is the requirement of complete flexibility in customizations and control. While choosing to purchase standard software from any vendor, your IT department would be compelled to choose from a limited number of options in order to include more functionalities and features into the set-up.

Whereas a new software developed specifically for your enterprise, and considering the existent business practices in your company, shall provide complete control over its operations and usage. Your various departmental executives can sit together and dictate the terms based on your particular business needs of different lines of business. For instance, the account department can include few more options against the inventory department, who require less features.

CYFuture is one of the most respected and renowned application Development Company. You can directly visit our services page for more details.

A website provides a platform using which any company can launch their business operations, and reach a target of users who are interested in their products. Unless your business has a website wherein all information is displayed and contact address shared, your business can not aim for higher growth and better business opportunities. In order to launch a website, you are required two activities to accomplish: web design and web development.

In web design, a designer encapsulates you ideas into a design on webpage, and creates the outlook and appearance of your website. There are several technologies which are used for creating the best web design for your project. CyFuture, which is India’s one of the oldest web design company, can offer you the most creative and interactive web designs for your project. Talented web designers having diversified experience of more than 10 years work and design your web pages, as per your specified requirements and customization.

Once the prototype and template of the website is ready, it’s ready for development. Development is more or less associated with coding aspect, wherein developers make that template live on a platform and makes it available on the World Wide Web. Although there are several companies offering their web development services, you should always choose the best company which can solve all technical related problems, even after the website is complete. CyFuture is the most preferred and recommended web development company, working on high end development technologies, which can provide your website the best environment for better growth.

Applications are small software which performs a specific task for the user. Applications or popularly called apps can be anything from a accounting software and writing processor to games and news application. The nature and working of an application solely depends on the creativity and ideas of the developer. Internet and World Wide Web is abound with lots of small applications which are increasingly being used in various websites, blogs and portals. Such applications provide several functionalities which include providing news and weather information, games, music information and watching movies. However, the latest trend to catch people’s attention is the phone applications. With more and more open source languages such as Android becoming popular, applications are now a rage.

If you are a business owner, and want to develop a particular application for your own business, then CyFuture is the place to be. We provide highly skilled and creative application developers who can create cutting edge applications for you. Our business managers will first analyze your requirement and study your business process to provide you the most comprehensive and useful application for your business. Our application development team uses the most advanced and superior technologies to develop the best applications for your business.

CyFuture is India’s one of the oldest application development and software application development company, and we have built thousands and thousands of applications for our clients. For more detailed information related to application development and software application development and how your business can benefit from it, you can directly contact us at….

There are three aspects of an online business: design, implementation and marketing. Out of these, all the three aspects are equally important for the business to survive and thrive. However, the first step, which is design and development of the website, can be termed as the most crucial aspect as unless a website is actually created, how can you implement it and market it? Thus, if you are planning to start your own Internet marketing project, then always look out for the best web design and development company which can provide you unique and user friendly website which shall act as the platform based on which your business will expand and grow.

There are lots of firms claiming to be the best web design company or the most useful web development company. However, before finalizing the company for your own business, you should carefully determine the truth behind such claims and then act judiciously for best results.

CyFuture is India’s one of the oldest web design and web development company having extensive experience of over 10 years in this industry. Having designed and developed websites of more than thousand companies till date, CyFuture is the name to reckon with when it comes to website design and development. CyFuture is powered by highly skilled and creative designers who will first understand your requirements and specifications and accordingly design the best possible prototype for your business. Our developers are technologically strong and knowledgeable of the latest technologies, using which your website can be developed and implemented.

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Application development is one of the most interesting and creative area which is gaining momentum with easy passing day. More and more people are now interested to create and develop applications which are interactive, informative and entertaining at the same time. Applications are being used in every sphere of the World Wide Web. There are application which are embedded into websites and blogs, and provide readers with clear insight and knowledge. However, the applications which are creating quite a buzz among internet users and developers are mobile applications, which can be used in iPhone, iPad and other smart phones. There is a huge market for mobile applications now.

One of the primary reasons for such increase in the sale and usage of applications is the usability experience and easy transfer and installation. With advancement in technology, and development in coding standards, we are now able to design uber-cool applications which can entice and enthrall its user, and provide them value addition. And with more and more smart phones selling every month now, there is a vast pool of eager users of high end technologies, who crave for such exciting and interesting applications.

If you are looking for expert application development companies, then you have arrived the right destination.

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Various brands of smart phones in the market today require different kinds of applications to run. With the new brands emerging so frequently it has become important to accordingly modify the mobile application development alongwith.

Phones come with a number of operating systems and hence offer an assortment of features too. This makes new mobile application development a mandate. Mobile application might be specific for a particular operating system. All the applications might not be compatible for all operating systems, hence hiring the right application developers is essential.

One can outsource mobile application development to offshore providers at a fraction of cost. Outsourcing especially in the field of mobile applications is becoming a growing trend. As the companies seek to reduce costs they are becoming more and more inclined to outsource specialization tasks at reduced rates.

Many users are choosing to hire application developers for smart phones in the market with Android or Symbian operating systems. These outsourcing services are also available for iPhones. Instead of purchasing expensive applications you can choose to develop a customized application for yourself at reduced rates.

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Application development serves as one of the most popular IT function that is outsourced to the offshore developers. Studies reveal that nearly 33% of the organizations outsource application development task in 2009. Though the recession saw a fall in the number of projects being outsourced the figure is seen to be significantly growing with the rising economic level. More and more number of businesses are turning to hire PHP developers as well as ASP developers.

With more and more number of organizations curtailing the expenditure on the new initiatives as well as various development projects, outsourcing is potentially a rising phenomenon. Hiring resources being more complicated and expensive, more number of projects would be inclined towards offshore development.

The choice to hire application developers at a fraction of price is an attractive option selected by most of the service providers. As a result the entire application development would certainly take up pace in the coming years and the developing countries would be a more favorable